Biosensors: An Environmental, Medical and Industrial Approach

Hello and welcome to our website which explores the topic of biosensors and their application to the medical, environmental and manufactering fields.  This website will provide a brief overview of the parts that make up a biosensor and the circumstances surrounding the discovery of biosensors.  The website will then discuss some of the impacts and issues surrounding biosensors' usage and also provide an overview of some biotech innovators which will provide a glimpse of real life applications of this exciting new field of biotenchology.


Tyler Leishman,  Senior at Christian Brothers High School

Michael Lahey, Senior at Christian Brothers High School 

 Above presents different viewpoints of a biosensor.  (a) and (b) present 3D images of a biosensor, (c) presents an actual image of a biosensor and (d) displays a microscopic image of a biosesnor.

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